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7 Helpful Tips for the Unexpected Homeschooler

All over America, moms and dads are suddenly waking up to find themselves home school parents.  As a homeschooling veteran, here are some ideas to make your life easier (no jean skirts or large cloth bags required). 1. Start with What You Love For all its challenges, this is a unique opportunity for your family […]

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Please Take a Number

I’m a mama of 4, and we home school.  Additionally, my children expect to eat, remain hydrated, and constantly create craft projects of all kinds.  This means that someone is asking me for something approximately 8 billion times a day.  The other day I was having a moment when the constant asking got to be […]

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Mama, It’s Enough

Last Wednesday night was one of those nights. You know the feeling: too much to do, a missed deadline, mistakes, exhaustion, and a list of worries big and small. There was also a thunderstorm, and one of my kids is terrified of “scary under.”  So, instead of doing the 1,000 things on my to-do list, […]

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