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When “Unfriending” is Self-Care

As an online content creator and fledgling online business owner, disengaging from social media altogether is simply not an option for me. Gone are the days when I could just decide to take social media breaks for weeks at a time. There are posts and products to promote, and prospective readers and customers won’t go […]

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An OKC Streetcar Black History Tour

Even if you aren’t a die-hard history buff, learning about the hidden stories beneath things you walk by all the time can be fascinating. Museums and libraries, of course, have those stories in abundance. However, there is something special about standing on the very ground where history began. Downtown Oklahoma City is full of hidden […]

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The Conversation We Can’t Afford to Avoid

When our children are born, they are like empty vessels. For the first few years, we parents like to think that we are the ones filling them. We’re not always, though. They are constantly learning. If there’s an area we’re not covering, someone or something else is likely covering it for us. When we don’t […]

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Enjoying the Elementary School Oasis

Between the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and piano, between the spelling tests and the student council campaign posters, the babies disappeared. Oh sure, my kids will always be my “babies”, but they have not been literal babies for a long time. They have been out of diapers for years. They are masters at drinking […]

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I’m Not Soccer Mom Material

There are soccer moms, and there are moms who have kids who play soccer. I believe I am the latter. Real Soccer Moms vs. Me Soccer moms don’t need to have played soccer or any kind of sport before, but they are committed to the game nonetheless. They know the positions, they know the proper […]

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Is Her Maternity Leave My Business?

When it comes to talking about maternity leave, the conversation usually centers around whether there is enough of it, and whether it should be paid. Often we make comparisons between the U.S. and European countries, where mothers are legislatively guaranteed one year of paid maternity leave. So when we hear about a mother who has […]

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