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There Is Not A Straight Road To Forgiveness.

Relationships are not easy.  Every day we cross paths with different people. Some of those people have been around for as long as we can remember, and the relationship is easy. And then there are those that are around for only a season of our lives. It’s these tricky short-season relationships that can sometimes cause […]

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Saying Yes to Myself

Why is it so hard to set some time aside for ourselves? I thought I did a good job taking care of myself. While I do take care of myself physically by working out, I have come to realize that’s just not enough. There are other parts of myself that are being neglected, and this […]

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5 Simple Ways To Improve Positive Self Talk

“Name three things you love about yourself,” the television show host asked her co-host. To my surprise, the co-host replied, “I can only think of one”.    Listening to this conversation got me thinking, and I couldn’t help but ask myself the same question. I also struggled to come up with more than one measly thing. However, […]

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4 Reasons Why I Don’t Purge My Closet

I know some people are so good at this whole minimalism deal. And actually, minimalism is something that I could see myself getting into. Clutter isn’t my thing. I can ditch the junk. I can (happily) part with old trashy toys. I can easily part with crap I don’t use anymore…  Except for clothes. When […]

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It’s “Snip-Snip” Time

Do you remember your first thought after you discovered you were pregnant for the first time? I remember the surprise and excitement mixed with fear and denial. Because even though I was married, our first child wasn’t planned. However, when we saw those two pink lines and discovered I was pregnant with our second child, […]

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OKC Moms Need to Know: Your Guide to November 2017

The Holiday season is just around the corner. What are your family traditions for Thanksgiving? As we get ready for this holiday season, lets enjoy what is happening in OKC. There are a lot of good family activities around the metro for this month. Happy Thanksgiving!! OKC Mom’s Guide to November Activities 11/1 Crazy Mountain […]

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