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5 Things for Parents to Learn from “Abducted in Plain Sight”

Please note: The following post contains details from the documentary, “Abducted in Plain Sight”, which includes tough issues such as child abduction and abuse. Additionally, it contains some specific parts of the story that may be considered a “spoiler alert” to those who have not watched the documentary. In the wake of recent public allegations […]

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Make Your Own Blessing Bags

Make Your Own Blessing Bags

You’ve probably been there: driving around town, kids in the back of the car, coming up to a street corner where an individual or a family stands holding a sign. The sign says something along the lines of “Homeless. Anything Helps. God Bless.” I have. What’s your response? What’s the response from your children? My […]

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Majestic Murals (1)

Majestic Murals of OKC

Oklahoma City…the county seat of Oklahoma City; known for Great Plains, a large livestock market, oil and gas industries, the OKC Thunder…and some pretty incredible public art. Am I right? While we couldn’t capture every Majestic Mural that adorns an avenue in our area, here’s a few of our favorites (and where to find them).  […]

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4 stages of parenthood (1)

The Four Stages of Parenthood

Ah, parenthood. As soon as we seem to figure out what’s working, something changes. So we observe, try a few things differently, and adjust. We hit a sweet spot…and something changes. Again. After a father/daughter camp with our middle daughter several years ago, my husband came home with some information that has stuck with me […]

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The Self-Care No One Talks About

Self-care has become a buzzword for women. Women spend so much time taking care of others, that we tend to get run-down a bit and not take the time to care for ourselves. As we know, but don’t always put into practice, when momma has taken care of herself, she is much more equipped and […]

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