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Halloween (2)

How We Have a Sugar-Free Halloween

Before you lament over the fact that my kids only get tofu pops for Halloween, just know that is not the case at all. I actually hate all things tofu but I do avoid refined sugar. I always enjoyed “Trick or Treating” with my friends and seeing who gathered the most candy. Those are great […]

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How Old it TOO Young The Free Range Parenting Debacle

How Old is TOO Young: The Free Range Parenting Debacle

I sat in complete bewilderment this past January and again a few weeks ago, as I read about the Maryland couple who allowed their 10 & 6 year old children to walk to the park by themselves and now have to deal with Child Protective Services for “substantiated” child neglect.  Neglectful parenting?  Does no one remember getting to […]

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Momma Night Owls...

To My Fellow Night Owl Mommas

To my fellow night owl mommas, I have something revolutionary to share with you. I know, truly, you won’t believe it but you will once you’ve successfully tried it. I’ve been a night owl for as long as I can remember.  At New Year’s Eve parties as a child, I was almost always the last […]

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