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The Corona Playlist

The Playlist of a (Corona) Lifetime

If you check out my Apple Music, you’re going to find a playlist for just about any occasion. I have one for sleeping, a single mom playlist, an anxiety playlist, one for when I’m cleaning… you get the point. Music is life for me; it’s how I cope with all of life. So when the […]

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Fresh Start: Life After Divorce

I’ve written a blog over how to survive in the midst of divorce… but son of a nutcracker how in the WORLD do you survive after divorce? There wasn’t enough chocolate in the world to help me with my emotions in the weeks following. I was expecting happiness with a side of sunshine and rainbows… […]

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Surviving Divorce for Dummies

I am officially, OFFICIALLY a divorced woman. It took me 18 months to get to this point in my life. I have learned so much through each passing month, made mistakes, and felt like I was doing the cha-cha with all the steps forward/back I was doing. If there’s anything I’ve learned out of all […]

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5 Reasons Why We’re Already Hooked On Disney+

I feel that every man, woman, child, dog AND creature under the sun is aware of Disney’s new video streaming service, Disney+… and we all about lost our minds. It made its big debut last week and hit over 10 million subscribers in just 24 hours. Why Disney+ is a Must: 1. Your childhood can […]

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Confessions of a Last Minute Mom

Hi, I’m Kenzie and I struggle with being last minute with everything and anything. Hi Kenzie. But let me tell you something, it’s not the worst thing ever. Believe it or not, there are some benefits to it. I am always sitting on the edge of my seat, seeing if I’ll reach a deadline. Running […]

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