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The Surprising Reality of Recycling

Grade school science class is where your children might first hear about recycling. I used to sheepishly duck the question, “Why don’t we recycle, Mom?” There’s nothing like your own children calling you on your Earth Day principles. Under the scrutiny of big, worried eyes in a small, innocent face, my stomach began to churn […]

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Thanksgiving Style

Quiz: What’s Your Thanksgiving Style?

What’s Thanksgiving like for your family? Break down all the different ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving with this Thanksgiving Day Style Quiz!  1. When you think about your tableware for Thanksgiving, you imagine that the plates, cutlery, and napkins will be: a.  Heavy duty disposable plates, mixed patterns of silverware, and the “fancy” paper napkins […]

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Building Fairy Houses from OKC Moms Blog

Making Fairy Houses – A Creative Way to Encourage Outdoor Play

Autumn in Oklahoma brings mild days when we long to spend more time outdoors. Parents looking for something fun and different to do outdoors with their children might want to try making fairy houses! Fairy houses are small dwellings for the fairy folk or woodland creatures, using natural materials that are found in a local environment. […]

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Menopause Made Me a Zombie Mom from OKC Moms Blog

Menopause Made Me a Zombie Mom

When I went through menopause at the typically average age of 52, my experience was so totally not what I was expecting. In my dramatic imagination, I was worried about going through wild mood swings. Or crazy crying jags while my husband and kids looked on helplessly. Yes, I had the hot flashes, and wished […]

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I Am Not A Happy Camper

To camp or not to camp, that is the question. Sorry, Shakespeare, but for me, there is no dilemma. Camping ranks right up there with the Zombie Apocalypse for fun. I will participate if it’s a life or death survival situation, but otherwise—um, no. My social media feeds are brimming with photos of smiling families […]

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