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Balanced Beauty.

Since becoming a mom, my time is divided amongst a variety of priorities, as is my budget. Accordingly, I have streamlined my toiletry and cosmetic purchases. Gone are the days of making a special trip here to get a certain hair product or there to get my favorite moisturizer. To be perfectly honest, I never […]

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Why I Do What I Do.

The stay-at-home mom is an enigmatic creature. Often spotted wearing her workout clothes with dried sweat providing the perfect accent to her already un-coiffed locks, she runs, walks, rolls from drop-off to yoga to field trip to lunchroom duty to the park to nap time-to snack-time to pick-up to swim lesson to home to bed […]

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A Note of Gratitude.

During November, I spend a lot of time thinking about the good things in my life, the things I overlook on a day-to-day basis but that are always there making life better nonetheless. I am grateful for my children everyday. I am grateful they are healthy and smart. I am grateful they are in my […]

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Holiday Wrap Up

The Holiday Wrap Up.

I know, I know. The mere fact that I am suggesting you start your holiday shopping is making some of you crazy. You can’t think about it until after Thanksgiving. You need the pressure. You crave the pressure. Never fear – I am not trying to deprive you of the adrenaline produced by waiting at […]

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Pasta Salad

The Lunch Bunch.

My daughter, Avery, is heading to kindergarten this fall. For the first time ever, she will be wholly responsible for consuming her lunch. To you, it might not sound like a big deal for a five-year-old to be in charge of eating her lunch. What follows is Exhibit A of why I don’t trust this […]

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