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9 Awesome Formula Can Crafts

9 Awesome Ways to Repurpose Formula Cans

Are you crafty? Do you like to save money? Does your baby go through formula like it’s going out of style, leaving you with a dozen empty formula containers? If you answered yes to these questions, these DIY ideas are for you. These projects are so easy you don’t have to be a crafting expert […]

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My Breast Pump, My Frenemy

Disclaimer: While I find the whole pumping process annoying, cumbersome, and painful, I know that it helps my baby get breast milk when I’m away from him and for that I’m thankful. I’m also thankful my workplace allows me to pump in private. That said, I still hate pumping. Another day in the office. I […]

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Colic Survival Guide

I Survived Colic – And You Can Too

At 4:19 p.m. on a rainy Sunday, my life changed forever when I held my brand new baby boy in my arms. I remember my surprise at how warm he was as he cried for the first time. I had prayed to hear that cry for a very long nine months. That first cry would […]

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Organize Your Life With Mabel’s Labels {Sponsored}

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Mabel’s Labels in exchange for a Little Kid School Combo.  However, all opinions are 100% our own and we stand by Mabel’s Labels in all that we endorse. I’d been dreading this day for a long time. No sooner had my maternity leave started when it abruptly ended, and […]

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Social Life

Social Life: Before and After Motherhood

Life before your first baby and life after your first baby are very different animals. Your new baby affects every aspect of your daily life, including how you communicate with others. Since technology plays such a huge role in today’s world, even social media becomes a sounding board for life before and after motherhood. I just […]

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Embrace the Bump and Stop the Shaming

Have you heard the story of Kristi Gordon, the Canadian meteorologist who received hate mail for the maternity clothes she wears during newscasts? If you haven’t, take a moment to watch the video below. Not only did Kristi have to endure those hurtful comments, but she had publicly asked viewers not to send them after […]

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