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I Am More Than A Mom!

Life Before Kids Pre-baby, I was that girl who was involved in anything and everything. I enjoyed working hard and learning something new every day. When my husband and I discussed starting a family, I assumed it would be fairly easy to integrate parenthood into our lives. There would be some sacrifices, of course, but […]

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Am I Done After One?

It’s inevitable. After your first child hits the toddler years, you will be inundated with, “Soooo, when are you having another?!” Lady in the Target checkout, as much as it charms me that you think I am suited to raise another tiny human, I have no idea if I want to embark on that journey […]

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My Two Year Old Had SIX Cavities!

You follow proper dental health procedures, you brush your child’s teeth twice a day, skip the sugar infested treats, and keep up with their dental appointments. You think, “there’s NO WAY they could have cavities.” Well, I was right there with you, right up until my two and a half year old was diagnosed with […]

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