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I See You

I See You

Sometimes being a mom is the greatest thing in the world. You wake up to sweet hugs and those slobbery kisses, every thing goes exactly as it should and the day ends with you on the couch enjoying some TV and a glass of wine. But SOMETIMES being a mom is a thankless job. You […]

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Secret Mom Behavior

First off let me make this confession… I loved/love the show Sex and the City. I really don’t even feel like that’s a confession because I love it so much. I watched the whole series and the movies and then made my husband watch them (he must really love me). I’m sure this totally shows my […]

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Mom Moments to Remember (2)

Mom Moments to Remember

Life goes so fast. Doesn’t it? It seems like an endless stream of feeding, diapering, bathing, sleeping. Then one day you look up and two years has flown by! Every once in a while I get a small moment that I want to remember forever. It’s the little things that makes me smile. I want […]

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