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Your FAQ’s About Foster Care Answered

There are approximately 460,000 children in foster homes across the nation. These children came into foster care through no fault of their own, and they desperately need homes and people to love them. Last year, my husband and I went through the long process of becoming foster parents. While this journey hasn’t been without its […]

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This Is Foster Care

It was 4 a.m. The house was quiet, and the rest of my family was sleeping peacefully. However despite my state of pure exhaustion, I was wide awake and comforting the cries of the tiniest newborn that I’ve ever held. The baby snuggled up to my neck and was immediately comforted by my voice and […]

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Why I Quit Homeschooling My Kids

I never thought my kids would attend public school. I deeply believed in the benefits of homeschooling. I loved teaching my kids, and I truly couldn’t have imagined sending my kids off to be taught by another person all day long. And don’t even get me started on all of the horror stories I had […]

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Netflix and Chill – I’m Down With a Low-Key Valentine’s Day

My last Valentine’s Day was filled with Netflix and chill. Literally. I’m talking about Netflix and chill as in eating Hamburger Helper on the couch and binge watching Parenthood. Ten years ago I would have felt slightly gypped having a low-key unexciting Valentine’s Day. However, at this stage in my life I’m one hundred percent […]

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