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Ready to ride off into the sunset and never look back!

Peace Out, Elementary School…

  My youngest child will be leaving elementary school in one month, and I have serious mom senioritis. When my oldest was venturing out into the world of middle school, I was a sobbing mess. Therefore, I have been emotionally preparing myself for the last year or so for the end of our elementary school […]

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Co-parenting sucks

Co-Parenting Sucks

It may not be the most PC way to say it, but it’s true: Co-Parenting sucks – being stuck working together with someone you used to love is honestly the pits. Images of a father and a stepfather both doting on a cute little girl in a princess dress for a photo shoot together crossed […]

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Creative play encourages creativity, imagination, verbal and physical skills!

5 Creative Play Ideas for Indoor Fun

I have always been called the “fun mom” by my friends. We do messy art projects, we dress up every chance we get, and we are naturally very playful. My house is open to the neighborhood kids who run in and out, eating snacks, shooting nerf guns and bringing noisy chaos that warms my heart. […]

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Why don't we ask for help?

Why Do We Not Ask for Help?

Tired. That’s the number one response I offer these days when people ask how I am. Is it because I don’t get enough sleep? Nope. It’s because I over commit. I work a lot, I have side hustles to help us with the extras. I volunteer at church, I don’t miss any game or concert […]

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