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Toddler-isms: My Baby Said WHAT?!

My daughter is about three and a half years old.  Her name is Lyla, and until last week, she couldn’t say her “L” sound correctly.  We never stressed about Wywa learning the correct pronunciation, but were also never the parents who talked or encouraged baby talk when speaking to her.  This past week, something clicked, […]

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Dear Mom, (1)

Dear Mom, Thanks for Fighting

Before 2014, I knew little about breast cancer.  Though most people I knew had someone in their life touched by breast cancer, my awareness of the disease did not go far beyond the pink ribbons or the occasional dollar donated in the checkout line.  Until May 2014. The week after my youngest sibling graduated high school, my mom called […]

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Don’t Wait…Celebrate!

Finding out about our second pregnancy was just as exciting as finding out about our first.  With our first baby, we didn’t tell our family until 8 weeks, and friends didn’t follow until weeks later.  This time around, my opinions about keeping that big secret had changed- for many reasons! I knew I wanted to tell […]

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Minivan Meltdown

Minivan Meltdown

Minivan Meltdown.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  I’m gonna guess you do, but just in case…let me paint you a picture.  You’ve just successfully finished your last errand of the day (and when I say successfully, I mean everyone has survived and you got most of your shopping list covered).  You have single […]

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Bring the Doctor to You {Amwell App}

Oklahoma City Moms Blog has partnered with Amwell, one of the leading telehealth services in the US, to bring you the information in this sponsored post. One of the worst parts of being a parent is having a sick child.  It’s heartbreaking to know your little one is under the weather, and I don’t know about […]

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April Fools

April Fools: For Kids!

I don’t know about you, but I have always enjoyed a good prank!  Much to his dismay, my husband would be the first to admit, I am a gifted jokester. April 1st is just around the corner, and this is the first year my daughter is old enough to really be in on the fun! I […]

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