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What My Failed Birth Plan Taught Me About Motherhood

Long before I ever conceived my daughter, I knew I wanted an unmedicated, natural birth. I knew I wanted as little interventions as possible. So when my husband and I finally became pregnant after years of trying, we immediately joined a birthing class to prepare ourselves for the best possible experience. We made it to almost […]

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Navigating the Holiday Season as a Germaphobe

Disclaimer: you might think I’m crazy after reading this.  I think most moms are cautious of germs to some extent. Even the most relaxed among us probably wouldn’t let their baby crawl around on a hospital floor, but I think it’s safe to say those same mothers aren’t as on edge about flu season as […]

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I'm An Over-Sharer

I’m An Over-Sharer (And I’m Not Sorry)

Before I had my daughter, I barely paid any attention to the many photos of kids in my Facebook and Instagram news feeds. Sometimes those photos even got old, tedious to scroll past when I had other things I wanted to see. Johnny lost another tooth? Big whoop. It’s Julia’s first day of preschool! Yayyyyy. […]

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