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Childbirth Almost Killed Me- My HELLP Story

May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication that begins around 20 weeks into a mother’s pregnancy when the mother develops high blood pressure. Preeclampsia’s mean, ugly sister is HELLP syndrome.  HELLP stands for H- hemolysis (breakdown of red blood cells) EL- elevated liver enzymes (liver function) LP- low platelets counts. I am sure you are thinking, “I’ve never […]

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9 Kid Approved Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

February is such a wonderful month! Love is in the air, my youngest son’s birthday, and Black History Month. Black History Month is not just a time for African-Americans to celebrate the accomplishments of their sisters and brothers, but a time for everyone to take a moment to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the African-American […]

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Talking to Children About Race: Facing the Elephant in the Room

Discussions with my boys about race has always been in the abstract. More akin to a current events class than anything else.  They have grown up surrounded by a diverse group of great friends who base friendship on which Star Wars movie is their favorite and not on race, religion, or nationality.  It’s quite beautiful […]

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