April Fools: For Kids!

April FoolsI don’t know about you, but I have always enjoyed a good prank!  Much to his dismay, my husband would be the first to admit, I am a gifted jokester. April 1st is just around the corner, and this is the first year my daughter is old enough to really be in on the fun! I know I have to tone down my definition of the word “prank” when it comes to celebrating April Fools Day with my three year old – I’m not out to traumatize anyone! These ideas will feel more like fun surprises than tricks, and are well suited for little people of all ages!  Here are my 10 favorite ideas for April Fools Day fun the whole family can enjoy!

  • Breakfast Surprise!- I love the idea of starting your kids day off with a laugh.  Food coloring can take a normal breakfast of scrambled eggs, and turn it into something special!  My daughter’s favorite color is pink (sparkly pink to be exact), so what better way to start her day then with a pink breakfast of scrambled eggs fit for a princess! It’s sure to get a giggle!  You could use the same concept with pancakes or even just put a few drops of color in your kiddo’s milk and cereal!
  • Dresser Mix-Up!- If your child gets themselves ready in the morning, try switching around their dresser drawers! (This one requires a stealthy mama who planned ahead the night before!)
  • Mustache Mirror!-  Draw a mustache on your child’s bathroom mirror as close to where their nose would line up as possible.  When they look up to brush their teeth, they’ll be surprised to see they’ve matured over night. You could even add crazy hair or fun glasses!
  • Always Watching!- Do you have googly eyes left over from crafts?  Try affixing a pair to random objects around the house!  Give your milk carton or remote control a pair of eyes, and see how long it takes for your kids to notice!
  • Shrink Wrap It!- Whether you have a big kid or a little kid, try shrink wrapping something you know they will use in the morning!  You can put a layer of plastic wrap over their bathroom drawers, or try shrink wrapping your toddler’s toy bins.  Little ones will enjoy unwrapping, and your bigger kid will be surprised to have to work to get to their toothpaste!
  • Leave a Note!- Surprise your kiddos with a sweet note (a hand drawn picture works great for pre-readers) or a silly joke in an unexpected place to make them smile.   You can hide them in their lunch box, in between the sheets of toilet paper, or in their jacket pockets.  Hide more than one so they can find several throughout the day.
  • Surprise Pick Up!- If you pick up your kids from daycare or school, consider decorating your car with shoe polish and balloons or wearing a funny wig or hat!  Your big kids may die of embarrassment, but little ones will love the surprise!
  • Tiny Dinner!- Plan a regular meal, but use super small servings! Instead of your regular dinnerware, pull out and rinse off play dishes or tea set dishes!  Announce that dinner is served and watch their puzzled reactions to such small portions!
  • Splash of Color!- Pick up some colorful bath fizzies that will change their bath water to a crazy color!  Act  totally surprised when their bath water is pink, purple or green!
  • Bedtime Balloons!- Blow up several balloons about halfway and stuff them in their pillow cases!  There shouldn’t be enough impact to pop them, and its a great way to end your kids’ day with one last trick!

 Do you have any favorite pranks or surprises for your kids?  Has your child ever pranked you? We would love for you to share your best ideas and favorite memories of April Fools family fun!

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    Amy March 26, 2015 at 11:10 am #

    I LOVE these ideas! I hate April fool’s day because I’m not creative. So I’ll be taking yours. Thanks!!

    • Avatar
      Becky Walker March 26, 2015 at 12:15 pm #

      Wonderful! I hope you and your family have a fun day!! 🙂


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