A Tale of Two Boobs

A Tale ofThey are with you wherever you go. You see them daily. Sometimes they annoy you and get in the way, but you are grateful for their purpose in your life. And yet you often don’t treat them well. I’m not talking about your kids or your significant other. I’m talking about your breasts. Your boobs. And if you’re nursing, your milk jugs.

What do I mean by not treating them well? I mean not giving them the support they need, and they need good support! As busy moms we often overlook our wardrobe. We may live in yoga pants or t-shirts with baby spit up and boogers crusted on them, but we can look and feel tons better in our snot covered clothes if our girls are in the right position and well supported!

I have no facts or studies to back this up, but I will say that 98.7% of you are wearing the wrong bra size. When I read this article online about a year ago and measured myself, I was mortified. I was totally wearing the wrong size! I knew my bra band was always riding up my back, I occasionally got the “4 boob syndrome,” and my posture was horrible under the weight of my well endowed chest. But I never could find the right fitting bra in a store! And that’s because I was looking in the wrong place.

Unless you are a very specific size, you won’t find your sizes in Target or even Victoria Secret. (You might find a “sister size” but we will get into that later). For me I had a small band size and large cup size and anytime I found a cup size that fit, the band was way too loose. I don’t like to shop online because I actually like to try things on. I finally heard about The Lingerie Store and enter the Hallelujah chorus!

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The Lingerie Store is located at 7636 N Western Ave in OKC

This store not only provides a vast array of sizes (bands 28-48 and cup sizes AA-N), they pride themselves on excellent service in helping you fit your true size and perfect fit! They measured me and I got to stay in the dressing room while the helpful staff just brought me bra after bra after bra to try on. Once I got the bra on, they came in to see where it fit best and where it didn’t and would go back out to get more to try. They had my size and soooo many styles to choose from for once! And I didn’t have to hunt for them, they brought them to me! They also offer many styles of shapewear, pajamas, bathing suits by the bra size, and even men’s underwear.

For a visual of how important wearing the right bra is see the images below….



I think it’s pretty easy to see but the bra on the left is an accurate fit. The girls sit higher and are well supported…and even look smaller when in a correct fitting bra. The girls on the right are sagging even though the bra technically “fits” but it’s not a true fit. (See that info below on “sister sizes”) My back aches just looking at it!

The Lingerie Store even carries nursing bras which are a trickier fit due to weight changes and milk supply. They recommend waiting about 8 weeks after birth, and get the band at a pretty tight fit because the band will stretch a bit after a week of wearing and you will most likely loose some weight after a few weeks too!

Here are some Bra fitting tips you need to know:

  • 80% of the support is in the band, the straps help a little but get the band right!
  • The wires should rest FLAT on your rib cage NOT your breast tissue
  • Band size affects cup size, do NOT choose a bra by cup size (not every DD or B is equal!)
  • Make sure you scoop and lift each breast when trying on bras
  • If your bra band is riding up, your straps fall off or dig in to your shoulders, or you have spillage on the top or sides…get measured! These are all signs you are wearing the wrong size.
  • Don’t balk at large cup sizes. You may be wearing an ill fitting 36C, but you are really a 32DD because they will carry the exact same amount of breast tissue, but they won’t fit you the same! That is what “sister sizes” are and what some stores will try to sell you. (For clarification see the article in above link but basically if you go down a band size you will have to go up a cup size.)
  • Also don’t balk at the price, a well fitting bra is worth it because it makes ALL your clothes fit better and makes your body FEEL better. (During my pregnancy I only had one bra that fit, but I washed it as needed and it was so worth it to me!)
  • Don’t expect to be the same size during pregnancy, nursing, and after those things. You may need to re-measure and invest again, but one correct fitting bra is better than 10 wrong ones!

Seriously don’t wait any longer. Find yourself a measuring tape and figure out what size you need or head to The Lingerie Store in OKC and have them help you out!  Your back and wardrobe will thank you!

Be sure to come to the OKC Mom’s Blog Simplify Event on June 13th for a chance to win a gift from The Lingerie Store!!

*Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post for The Lingerie Store.  I received a free bra in exchange for this post.  However, all opinions are 100% my own.**

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