A Labor of Love: 3 Reasons To Enjoy Grocery Shopping

Chores are never fun.

Most people would probably include grocery shopping under the ‘chore’ list, but it doesn’t have to be!

I have always enjoyed grocery shopping. I didn’t realize that was weird until I started talking to other moms who detested that weekly or sometimes five times a week ‘chore’. 

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I know, it’s just one more thing to add to your weekly list of to-dos but there are real, honest reasons to actually enjoy grocery shopping.

Maybe it won’t become your next favorite hobby but there can be joy found in the mundane!

I always try to remember these three reasons to enjoy grocery shopping, even 0n the days I’d rather be catching up on sleep!

1. Health

Think of this. Grocery shopping puts you in charge of your family. You are now in control of your family’s health by buying nutritious meals for them. You ultimately get to make the choice of what they put in their bodies by only buying the things that are healthiest and the things they enjoy.

I make all of our meals at home and this allows me to feel good about what my children are consuming on a daily basis. They obviously get the occasional sweets but on the average, most meals are nutritious and meet their daily needs. 

2. Wealth

Grocery shopping allows you to be in control of your finances. Yes, I too get distracted by all the things at the store but ultimately I know I am saving my family money. I only shop the sales and rarely buy outside of them. By doing this, I ensure I am purchasing the produce that is least expensive but still nutritious. 

Pen and Paper

By writing out a list and sticking to it, I also ensure that we save the most money by having a plan. This also entails only going to the store once a week so I don’t get distracted more than once by all the things. All of these save us money by avoiding grabbing take-out or going out to eat three or four nights a week. 

3. Family Time

When you grocery shop and prepare healthy meals you are creating family time every time you sit down to eat together. It is the one thing I can guarantee will happen on a daily basis as a family. Not many things anymore are done together but I know by cooking for them we all get to be together for a solid twenty to thirty minutes each day. 

Checking in on your family every day is important for the family dynamic and mealtime is the perfect time to do just that!

For me, there is just something satisfying about grocery shopping. Maybe it’s because I look forward to my weekly alone time but it is also because I know this labor of love is something that brings value to my family and that alone brings me joy!

Do you enjoy grocery shopping or do you despise it?!

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