5 Lessons Learned After Surviving the Tummy Bug

Mommas who are, have, and will survive the tummy bug this year know the deepest, darkest depths of mommy despair that I would never wish on anyone. When you are pregnant and creating these precious bundles of joy NO ONE forewarns you of the awfulness that is the rota-virus… NO ONE. After surviving yet again this winter with this nasty bug I feel compelled to write a list of things every mommy must learn after battling this terribleness head-on.


If you thought poopy diapers and spit-up were the grossest things you would face in motherhood, just wait until you experience the tummy bug with multiple children. Constant puking accompanied by diarrhea is just NASTY. This year I was also faced with one of my girls puking ALL OVER the top bunk bed. I thought I was going to die cleaning up the disgusting-ness splattered everywhere. The smells will burn the inside of your nose and make you question why you decided to have so many children. Seriously SO GROSS!

2. Laundry Overload 

I have NEVER done so many loads of laundry in my entire life! As soon as I would get one thing clean somebody would either poop or puke on it. I thought laundry was a nightmare during normal, healthy life…I was so wrong. Tummy bug laundry is also just straight up NASTY. I would pull bed sheets off squirming, and gagging the whole way to the washer just trying to avoid getting any contaminants on myself and just as I get it in the washer… EEEK! The last shred of sheet I had to flip in had puke all over it and it is now on my hands. JUST. THE. WORST.

3. Bleach Becomes Your BEST FRIEND 

I am a very clean person but have never used nor liked bleach very much. I would casually use it on toilets and the bath tubs just to get them super shiny but really disliked the harsh smell of it. Two days with the tummy bug running rampant in our household and I LOVE nothing more than that sweet, harsh, chemically smell of bleach all over the place. I need to know and SMELL for sure that the bug is being fought with the most powerful tool known to human kind and that tool my friends is bleach. You will learn to love it.

4. Sleep is Non-Existent

Unfortunately if you do have a moment to spare between the puking and pooping fest it will be spent doing laundry and bleaching. I seriously looked like a psycho come day 3 with crazy hair, no shower or sleep in numerous days, all my clothes were dirty due to the laundry back-up, and I am pretty sure I was talking to myself under my breath about how gross my children are. I was a sleep-deprived, broken mommy so if you happened to come across me that week…. please don’t judge. Like I said before.. deepest, darkest depths of mommy despair.

5. When It Is Over You Will Be Amazed By How Strong You Are

When this nasty, relentless bug is finally done making rotations around your most precious loved ones you will emerge a much more confident and validated momma. You took this nastiness head-on and survived the most disgusting trials any human could and will be put through. You still, even in the darkest of times had enough in you to make that piece of toast or bleach that poop stained potty. You are one tough mommy who honestly deserves a weekend getaway to some fancy spa. I rarely get that getaway but know after getting through the grossest days that I most definitely deserve it, as will you. I feel much more equipped with handling my children’s wants and needs and know for a fact that it is ME that they want to comfort them and that alone is so incredibly empowering.

Surviving the tummy bug is no joke and once you go your 1st round with this mean, disgusting, relentless virus you will come out of it a much stronger momma… Definitely a little jaded having seen, done, and heard things you would never wish even on your worst enemies, but still stronger. It is by far the grossest experience I have endured in my 35 years on this earth but I now know that I can and will survive and even after it all I still LOVE my sweet babies with every inch of my being.

Has the tummy bug affected you and your family this year?

What lessons have you learned from your families tummy bug experience?

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