3 Easy Tips on how to Refine and Define Your Style

unnamed-10Whether you are a SAHM or a Momma who works out of the house, we are women! Women who ultimately would like to portray “style” in how we dress. Style isn’t the end all be all, but I have learned over the last 8 years, that it matters. It matters because it will make or break how you actually feel for the day, and it’s genuinely a form of being polite in the world. My personal point of view is that YOU are worth your own time and the focus it takes to figure out what your style is and what makes you happy. I think your inside beauty should match your outside beauty. What’s holding you back? Time? Kids? Budget? Inspiration? Focus? We all have excuses, but in it’s truest form of words, “We make time for what’s important.”

Don’t be confused my friends, fashion and style are two totally different things. I don’t push fashion on women, I encourage personal style on women. Style is about confidence and knowing what looks good on you regardless of what’s fashionable at any given time. Style is timeless. I read this excerpt from a blog by Dana Forlano and all I can say is AMEN SISTA! We all need to take a hot minute and really read this as a personal style mantra.

“Your personal style should be a reflection of your soul and of your heart.  Your body will change over time. Certain types of clothing will become inappropriate or unflattering. Fashions will come and go.  Your own taste will evolve, BUT WHO YOU ARE remains the same. That inner spirit needs to be expressed regardless of age, size, or budget.  Your soul does not care that you’ve gained lots of weight and no longer look like you did when you were 20. Change is inevitable in all things, including you.  Why on Earth would you punish yourself for being human? Are you less interesting, less funny, or less spirited because you gained 50lbs or developed wrinkles? Do you think that people are going to look at you in your shapeless, baggy, worn out, colorless clothes and think “oh, she’s definitely doing the right thing. Only perfect-bodied people should dress well”? Do you think that wearing black will make you blend into the background and avoid judgment?  WHY DON’T YOU THINK YOU DESERVE TO BE NOTICED?  Why don’t you stand up to the world and say “Here I am! I’m bubbly / funny / clever / creative!”unnamed-7

You are thinking, “Great! Okay! I’m ready! But how do I do this?” You are in good hands, as a Style Coach who loves to encourage and inspire here are 3 very simple tips to Refine and Define your Style.

1. Explore your Style Spirit Influences.

It’s very hard to narrow down one person who influences my own style, I have 4 women who are style influences in this season of life. Lauren Conrad, Gwen Stefani, Reese Witherspoon, and Zooey Deschanel. Explore editorials, look at instagram, pinterest, or even women in your inner circle that make you smile when you see what they have on. Ask them who inspires or influences their own style and then take note of what works for you. Your style spirit influencers will change from season to season. Be inspired.

2. Name it.

Take a handful of names of styles and look at what those outfits look like. For example, type the words “girly outfits for women” into Pinterest and look purely at the outfits, not the brands or prices. Then start narrowing it down to 3 “names” that resonate with you when you see that type of outfit. I know that I am a mix of these three “names”, Glam, Modern, and Girly. 2 years ago I was a mix of Vintage, Rocker, and Classic. You can google “types of fashion styles” and a variety of “names” will come up, once you write a few down, look up what that “name” of outfits look like on Pinterest. Settle on 3 words that that feel true to your style, and write them down for future reference, as they will clarify and define your personal style. Knowing this about yourself will make shopping productive, and will eliminate over buying.

3. Know yourself, Own it, and Work it Girl.

Trust your instincts and wear what makes you feel like the BEST version of yourself. If you have a modern meets glam vibe going, then you trying to be a rocker meets modern vibe won’t work for you and it’ll look unnatural. We all have a sense of style, it’s about refining it and defining it. Don’t fight it and stop conforming to the “trends” and what all the other “moms” are wearing in your circle, or what you “think” you need to wear to fit in, and stop worrying about what others will “think” because you walked in looking like your BEST self. unnamed-6

*** Bonus Tip ***

Is there something people compliment you on? Wearing clothing items that play up your best asset always looks very stylish, no matter what is currently the trend. Think about when you felt your absolute best and what you had on. This reflection is a key factor in helping refine and define your own style.

Be focused. Be inspired. Be stylish. No excuses. You are worth your own time.


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