15 Signs You Live In The Country


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My husband grew up in the country.  His childhood days were spent climbing trees and playing outside exploring with his sister.  I, on the other hand, grew up in San Diego, and my childhood was widely different than that of my husband’s, as I’m sure you can imagine. After we were married and kids entered the picture, my husband was dead set on moving into a more rural part of the city.  However, I was more comfortable living in my suburban neighborhood where the kids were plentiful and my neighbors were just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Eventually we came across a property in a more rural setting that our friends were selling, and we instantly fell in love with it.  We ended up purchasing the property, and now we now live on 3 acres south of the metro.  We ADORE it.  Our neighbors have been (ahemmostly) very friendly and welcoming, and we have quickly embraced the privacy of living on land away from the hustle and bustle of city living.  Hearing stories from my husband and his sister about their childhood and now experiencing the lifestyle myself, I’ve come to the realization that the country way of life is vastly different than when we lived in the metro.

15 signs you live in the country:

1. You’ve had to replace your neighbor’s chickens due to an unfortunate run in with your dog.

2. Driving into “The City” gives you anxiety because of the obscene amount of traffic.  So. Many. Cars.

3. You’ve seriously contemplated purchasing a goat.  Mainly because you’ve looked at all of your kids’ junk in the yard while wondering if goats truly do eat everything.

Welcome to the family.

4. It’s normal to hear cows from your backyard, and it’s completely natural that your toddler walks around yelling, “MOOO!” everywhere you go.

5. Everything from weddings to family vacations are scheduled around hunting season.

6. It’s acceptable to count a swim in the creek or pond as a shower.

Hop in kids, it's bath time

7. There’s a Baptist church on every corner.  And I mean Every. Single. Corner.

8. Sticks are the equivalent to toys, and they are endless hours of free entertainment.

9.When playing outside, shirts are optional.  Actually, shoes and pants are also sometimes optional.

No shirt, no pants, no problem!

10. You plan your day around trips to Walmart, it’s really more of a social time than a shopping trip.

11. After going outside (10 minutes after bath time most likely) your children have stealthily transformed into mud magnets, and they are on the verge of looking feral.

12. You learned “leaves of three, let them be” the hard way, and your medicine cabinet is always stocked with calamine lotion.

For the love of all the is holy.

13. Children’s sporting events are a Big. Deal. In fact, cheerleading and football starts in kindergarten.

14. Kids know how to casually pick burrs off of their socks, shoes, pants, hair, and off of dogs, and off of blankets, and off of…everything.

15. Your children will learn to drive a tractor or a riding lawn mower before they are ever allowed to attempt to drive the family car.

Learning to drive the country way.

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