10 Reasons Full House Is The Best Show Ever {Illustrated by GIFs}

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If you’re anything like me then you too have been “missing the familiar faces waiting just around the bend” for a little too long.  You see, growing up Full House was my jam.  I watched the cringe worthy sappiness every chance that I got, and I soaked in every single minute.  The characters, the family values, and the cheesy humor had me hooked.  When I hear the familiar theme song start to play, I’m immediately filled with fond warm memories and I’m taken back to the good ole days of Lisa Frank and the simple times of my childhood.   I grew up right along side with DJ, Stephanie, and little Michelle, and I found myself saying things like, “How RUDE” and “You got it, dude”.

Not only does Full House bring back nostalgic memories, my kids happen to enjoy it too, which I think makes it is safe to say that Full House has so far withstood the test of time.  Sure the styles are dated and the plot lines are far more G rated than the family comedies these days, however who doesn’t love them some Olsen Twins and John Stamos? (Sidenote: Does John Stamos EVER age?!)

Recently I found out that Fuller House, the spinoff of Full House, was going to be airing on Netflix.  I was ecstatic when I heard the news.  I was so ecstatic, in fact, that  I did a happy dance and almost shed a tear of joy.  I mean, HAVE MERCY,  more all new episodes of Full House?  My excitement was mainly due to the fact that I still think Full House just so happens to be the best show ever.

So bring it, Netflix.  I’ve got hours of binge watching with your name on it.

10 Reasons Why Full House Is The Best Show Ever:

1. Everything could be solved with a little cheesy background music and a heart-to-heart with Bob Saget and the boys.

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2. The romance.  There was so much love in the air.  Uncle Jesse and Becky.  DJ and Steve.  Uncle Joey and Mr. Woodchuck.


3. No one was able to rock the 90’s look quite like DJ Tanner.


4. Everyone can relate to having an annoying neighbor, but luckily no neighbors are quite as annoying or as pushy as Kimmy Gibbler and her crazy antics.


5. Aunt Becky was the beautiful, hip, fun career woman that we all wanted as our aunt.


6. Who didn’t long to go to a Jesse and the Rippers concert?  I mean, their long hair and ripped jeans made them the coolest band around in my book.


7. Danny Tanner was basically the mean lean cleaning machine that I now long to be.


8. They weren’t afraid to tackle the hard topics.  The episodes covered things like body image and peer pressure, and as the girls got older they talked about teenage drinking and smoking.


9. No one, and I mean no one, got in between Uncle Jesse and the love of his life… his hair.


10. Michelle could be a sassy, pesky, and down right annoying little sister, but she was so adorable everyone loved her in spite of it.


Did you grow up watching Full House?  Will you be tuning in to Fuller House?

*All GIFs are from www.giphy.com


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    Amy February 29, 2016 at 12:21 pm #

    Loved this Post! My entire family loves Full House

    However, my disappointment in Fuller House is large. Way too many adult themes and conversations going on to be in the “kids” file on Netflix. Episodes set in a club with shots and grinding? SAY WHA??????” While I’ll be tuning in, my preteen kids will not. #wantedtomakeitafamilyaffair

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