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Check on the Extroverts: We are NOT okay!

I’ll admit that the idea of working from home for a few weeks was appealing. And for a few weeks, it was great. But here we are, way more than a few weeks into this mess, and while some of you are basking in the glow of makeup-free faces, spotless homes, Pinterest-worthy homeschooling, and gourmet […]

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Tiger King: The Circus We All Needed

The past several weeks have been a super-sized combo meal of global pandemic and general uncertainty. As we’ve all tried to balance homeschooling from scratch, getting a little sunshine, getting enough exercise, watching the evening news without crying, and tolerating an overabundance of Zoom meetings while soaking off our dipped manicures at the kitchen table, […]

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I Don’t Want to Homeschool Either- Confessions from a Teacher

Under any other circumstances, teachers look forward to Spring Break just as much as their students. This time felt different. I knew there was a chance, a good possibility, that we would be extending that break. At first, it was just a couple weeks. “Okay, I can come up with some activities to keep the […]

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How to Give Yourself Grace During COVID-19

The chaos of COVID-19 has escalated quickly and life as we know it has changed pretty drastically. All large gatherings have been canceled, businesses are temporarily closing, and we have been encouraged to take part in this thing called “Social Distancing.” For some of us, the stay-at-home life is normal. For others, being confined to […]

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The Corona Playlist

The Playlist of a (Corona) Lifetime

If you check out my Apple Music, you’re going to find a playlist for just about any occasion. I have one for sleeping, a single mom playlist, an anxiety playlist, one for when I’m cleaning… you get the point. Music is life for me; it’s how I cope with all of life. So when the […]

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When You Can’t Go IRL: Take Virtual Tours of Art & Culture in the OKC Metro

There are times when taking your kiddos out of the house for an outing just isn’t feasible. Maybe it’s after a particularly busy week of work, after school activities, and social commitments. Or, it’s not financially possible that particular month. Sometimes the venue is closed. Being cooped up in the house doesn’t mean you can’t […]

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