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How Having a Toddler Prepared Me to Teach High School

Eight years ago this December, I graduated college with the intentions of teaching high school English. Life happened, and well, teaching DIDN’T happen. I took a corporate job (or three), moved multiple times, got married and started a family. So, pregnant with my second child last year and ready to really lay down roots, I […]

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From the White House to My House: Staying Home Ain’t For the Weak

This past November, my husband was offered a great career opportunity in OKC.  He, our five year old daughter and I took the plunge, moving here from the Washington, DC metro area.  My husband’s job not only brought us to a new state with brand new mid-west adventures, but also catapulted me into life as […]

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My Breast Pump, My Frenemy

Disclaimer: While I find the whole pumping process annoying, cumbersome, and painful, I know that it helps my baby get breast milk when I’m away from him and for that I’m thankful. I’m also thankful my workplace allows me to pump in private. That said, I still hate pumping. Another day in the office. I […]

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