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You may be 40 (ish) if...

You May Be 40(ish) If . . .

  I’ve entered it, my fourth decade. And guess what? There are definitely some challenges, a fair amount of “what the heck?” moments and also some pretty fabulous bright spots. It is a decade unlike any I’ve experienced so far and it does seem to have a few significant marks. So for those of you also in your fourth decade (or dangerously close), here […]

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Untitled design

Balance and Boundaries: Making Your Own

Each of us sets boundaries in our lives. Some grow subconsciously over time, others with much more thought. We set boundaries for ourselves, and we set boundaries for those with whom we interact. They’re important and sometimes downright imperative. When you get married, you inherit your spouse’s family, for better or worse. There are traditions […]

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hunting blind

Why I Let My Husband Hunt

October 1st. While my mind starts centering around fall, football, the holidays and all things pumpkin, there is another main event that stirs with excitement in the atmosphere of our home…the opening of deer season. Before my husband and I ever officially started dating, the only thing I knew about him (besides that he was gorgeous, […]

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You Know You're a Mom If...

You Know You’re a Mom If…

It’s not always easy being a Mom. Each hour can be different, and can be full of laughs, rewards, challenges, and tears. And there are undoubtedly  moments that happen in your every day life that can only be explained by the phrase “I’m a Mom.” So, from one Mom to another, here’s some of the things on my list: You […]

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This is Me...Not Caring

4 Things I Don’t Care About Now That I’m a Mom

“Having kids changes everything”. As parents we hear that classic line repeatedly, but until you’ve lived it, you just have no clue. About most any of it. Pre-kid, my perfectionist and Type A self was completely delusional as to how my life would be with a family. Hint: it ain’t even close to perfect. My toddler has changed […]

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