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When Do You Let Your Kids Quit?

My oldest daughter has been involved in a few different activities in her short 6 years. She’s still pretty young, so I think just exposing her to many options is a good idea to see what she might like to delve into more deeply as she gets older. Each time we set the goal that […]

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It’s OK to Ignore Your Kids!

That title may have got your attention, and I’m already bracing myself for the hateful comments, but please read the full post before you think I’m telling you it’s OK to neglect your kids! Neglect is NEVER OK. That is actually a crime that can cause you to lose your parental rights. However, ignoring your […]

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Life Hacks

Life Hacks with Electronics

We all like things that make our lives easier, right? Here are some tips and tricks I have found that help me with the use of electronics. Let me preface this by saying this post is basically brought to you by my hubby. I mean I wrote it, and benefit from all of these things, […]

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Second Child Syndrome: The Newborn Edition

You may remember Part I of this post from January. Back then I was in the last weeks of my second pregnancy and was reflecting on the differences from my first. Well that pregnancy is now an almost 2 month old baby girl, and I’ve once again noticed many other differences in her newborn days […]

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