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I Need a Loan to Buy School Supplies!!

Can I get sarcastically serious with you all for a few minutes? What’s with the ridiculously long school supply lists? Maybe your children aren’t in school yet so you don’t know what I’m referring to so I will provide a visual for you. That pencil box on the left is my actual pencil box from […]

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Boost Your Child’s Kindergarten Readiness

This is a sponsored post written by Suzanne Wandling, Outreach Coordinator, Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy “Kindergarten Readiness” – two words that cause a mom’s heart to skip a beat. Feelings of excitement and doubt come with big life transitions, and deciding if your child is ready for kindergarten is one of them. We encourage you […]

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Be Your Child’s Best Teacher

Be Your Child’s Best Teacher

From the beginning, your children need you. You care for, nurture, and instruct them in everything. From you, they learn to tie their shoes, cooperate with others, share, behave in public, etc.  You are your children’s first teacher. As they grow, you continue to teach them through adolescence, help navigate those crazy teen years, and […]

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Parenting Script - Bullying

Parenting Script: 5 Tips for Bullying Prevention

This series is in response to Where’s My Parenting Script?! Please check back each Wednesday in the month of August for more tips. With it being back to school season, parents are busy making preparations for the year ahead. While equipping kids with the traditional school necessities, it can also be a good time to […]

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