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Laundry Is My Nemesis

Our laundry situation was fairly under control until we added a third baby to the mix.  I had help for about a week after my c-section, and after that I was completely on my own for most of the day. I gave everything my best effort, however, that’s the time when things started to get a little […]

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Surviving a Move with Kids

Last Spring, my husband accepted a new job in a new town. We knew that ultimately our family would be following with a move, instead of him commuting every day. All of this news came when I was 9 months pregnant. Talk about a lot of change happening at once! It was the middle of […]

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More You Time: Gold Plated & The Riley Group

We had some great sponsors for the Readers’ Choice Awards! The Riley Group and Gold Plated Food are two businesses that we just NEED to tell you more about!  You’ve seen their logo, but there is much more to them.  Better yet, they are both businesses that will help you have more YOU time. The Riley […]

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