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Pregnancy Is Not An Excuse

Pregnancy is not the time to let yourself go. It is not an excuse to eat whatever you want. It is not the time for you to rationalize that second piece of pie, or laying on the couch when you could be out for a walk. In fact, it’s just the opposite. When you’re pregnant, […]

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The Thanksgiving Dinner Workout Challenge

Turkey, cranberry, stuffing, and more… I’m stuffed just thinking about it. Thanksgiving is the holiday where it’s not only socially acceptable, but encouraged to bring your maternity pants down from the attic and take full advantage of that glorious, stretchy waistband. But with the start of the holiday season comes the epic battle between food and fitness, […]

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Rethink Your Drink

Disclaimer: We have partnered with TSET, to share with you their Shape the Future campaign to encourage you and your family to have better reasons why we should #RethinkYourDrinkOK. This time last year, I was sitting in my daughter’s pediatricians office for her three year well child visit. Her doctor had asked her a series […]

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When Mom Trains for a Marathon

I am not a runner. This thought goes through my mind every time I lace up my running shoes. In fact, when I’m running with other people I hope and pray they don’t know I’m just a poser, pretending to be a runner.  I buy all the gear, so I can look like one, but […]

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Why I Say “NO!” To New Year’s Resolutions

Does your New Year’s resolution list read sort of like a global to-do list? You’ve resolved to change your diet, exercise more, travel to new places, finish a big creative project, make creative lunches for your child and write consistent notes to them, have dinner ready from scratch every night for your family, etc. Why […]

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5 Things

5 Things Every Mom Should Know About Her “Mom Bod” {FIT4MOM OKC Review}

Disclaimer:  This is post was written in exchange for participation in FIT4MOM‘s Body Back Program. However, all opinions are 100% our own and we stand by FIT4MOM and Body Back in all that we endorse. When my friend Allison approached me about trying out the work out class she was teaching through FIT4MOM, my first thought was, “No […]

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