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Mama’s Makeup Routine

It’s no secret that being a mom takes a lot of time and energy, and many times it means simplifying what we do in the morning to look put together. From wiping off the previous days makeup to reapply more, to juggling mascara and foundation on the way to work, or simply applying it in […]

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You may be 40 (ish) if...

You May Be 40(ish) If . . .

  I’ve entered it, my fourth decade. And guess what? There are definitely some challenges, a fair amount of “what the heck?” moments and also some pretty fabulous bright spots. It is a decade unlike any I’ve experienced so far and it does seem to have a few significant marks. So for those of you also in your fourth decade (or dangerously close), here […]

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burrito stage

The Burrito Stage of Pregnancy {Surviving the First Trimester}

There is nothing glamorous about the first trimester of pregnancy. Let’s just all agree to agree on that before we proceed. The first trimester is about as glamorous as that LAST agonizing month (which I’m fairly certain contains 2,646,513,544 days, amiright?),¬†except your body is still mostly yours…mostly. From the outside looking in, anyway. This being […]

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