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You Know You're a Mom If...

You Know You’re a Mom If…

It’s not always easy being a Mom. Each hour can be different, and can be full of laughs, rewards, challenges, and tears. And there are undoubtedly  moments that happen in your every day life that can only be explained by the phrase “I’m a Mom.” So, from one Mom to another, here’s some of the things on my list: You […]

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PokeMOM Go!

It’s hard to go anywhere without hearing talk of the newest trend sweeping the nation—Pokemon Go. But, have you heard of the craze that’s been around for centuries? It’s more difficult than the new game, though the rewards are far greater (well, on most days). It’s called PokeMOM Go, and it’s been around since the […]

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An Olympic Party for Kids!

What can I say? I love a reason to have a party, and the Olympics are a fabulous reason to have fun with your kids! This year the opening ceremony starts August 5 in Rio de Janeiro and I can’t wait! I’m not exactly a sports fan, but there’s something magical about the Olympics. The […]

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